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Logo 18 January 2016 - Bench Top Holographic Embosser

Bench Top Holographic EmbosserDouble R has recently supplied a low cost, Bench Top Holographic Embosser which is eminently suited for proving holographic images. The unit is a heat and pressure system designed for taking A4 sheets of material and embossing them with a holographic image.

The backing roller is manufactured from a suitable rubber having a shore hardness of 90˚ on the D Scale. The embossing roller is a magnetic cylinder to allow the nickel shim to be easily mounted onto it. The nip force between the embossing cylinder and the backing roller are able to be manually set to a maximum value of 600 Newtons/25 mm for optimum embossing to take place. The embossing roller is oil heated and has the capability of operating at temperatures up to 160°C. The embossing roller is positively driven via an AC inverter drive and the facility is provided to adjust the speed of the roller to suit the process requirements. As an additional feature, a foot switch is provided to allow the operator to easily mount the shim onto the magnetic cylinder.

Holographic SpoolThe unit is fully self-contained and is bench top mounting and, if required, we can provide a suitable rigid bench to support the equipment, but this is not our standard supply. All necessary interconnecting cables between the heater and the embossing unit are provided and the equipment only requires the connection of a mains incoming electrical 3-phase supply and air supply.

Double R have equipment available at our facility to enable sampling of holograms to take place using similar equipment. We also have customers around the world who would be only too willing to give references on the equipment supplied and also provide a small number of samples using shims provided by others. The Bench top Embosser is eminently suited to proofing of coatings or a holographic design, depending on the particular requirements of the end user.

Logo 11 February 2015 - Spooled Product — The Way to Higher Productivity

Single Station Spooler Converters and users of all types of material are looking for a more efficient operation when they are processing narrow width products. One way to increase the efficiency and reduce downtime is to convert the product into spools, (also known as traverse wound and level wound packages). A spool typically has at least ten times the continuous material length of a conventionally wound roll of material. The narrower the web is the greater the length that can be produced in a single package by spooling/traverse winding or level winding it.

Tear tapes for cigarette packets and threads in banknotes have been spooled for many years, however, the range of materials that are being handled in this way is increasing on a daily basis. Spooling is in fact no longer restricted to narrow width materials, with Foam and Nonwoven materials up to and in some cases in excess of 100 mm wide being processed into spooled packages having dimensions of 1.5 metres diameter by 1.0 metre wide. These “Jumbo” spools enable very high speed, long runs of unwinding, (de-spooling) into the final application process.

An increasing number of adhesive materials, such as finger lift tapes as well as foams are also being successfully wound in a spooled format. The techniques used for winding the various materials have increased and been developed over the years and with the advent of digital drive technology these can be incorporated very easily. The actual winding characteristics are of paramount importance to optimise transportation and unwinding (de-spooling) the spooled product. Technical information on the formats of spooling can be found on the Technical page of the Double R website:

To allow converters to be able to enter the market of spooled product the latest low cost, single station, high performance, entry level spooler has been developed by Double R Controls. This unit is totally self-contained and allows the user to convert a conventionally wound roll (a pre-slit roll from a slitter rewinder) into a spool, therefore providing their customer with a longer, continuous length of product, which significantly reduces roll change downtime. Simple techniques for de-spooling are also available on this equipment so that the traversing action is removed during the de-spooling process.

Our standard Pancake to Spooler equipment has now been expanded to increase its capability so you can unwind a spool and rewind a spool. The unit also incorporates tension isolation so rewind taper tension can be incorporated for more sensitive materials. This unit is eminently suited for processing carbon fibre pre-pregs, carbon fibre tow-pregs and other sensitive materials such as holograms, adhesive tapes, etc.

If you have a requirement to evaluate the principle of creating spools, then why not 'try before you buy'?


Pre-Pre Slitting & Spooling Machine

Double R Controls Ltd. of Heywood, Manchester have been supporting Bindatex from Bolton in the development of a process to slit and spool both glass fibre and carbon fibre pre-preg products. Bindatex have now secured a major contract from Cytec who is the supplier of the pre-preg materials being used in the manufacture of A380 airbus components. The requirement for Bindatex is to take a web of material, slit it into narrow widths, typically 6 mm, and then spool these using a special method developed by Double R Controls Ltd. where a secondary inter linear is inserted during the winding process. This is of paramount importance otherwise blocking of material takes place in the spool.

The development process with Bindatex has meant that they have secured a major contract, for product described above, which is great news for us all. This means that Double R Controls Ltd. are now supplying a production machine for Bindatex so that they can successfully meet the needs of the contract from Cytec.

If any other companies need to process pre-preg or tow preg materials then they now know where to go for this work to be done (Bindatex) or if equipment is needed to process these materials then please contact Double R Controls Ltd. at

Logo 10 April 2014 - Cast and UV Curing Machine

Double R have recently commissioned a cast and UV curing machine to create micro circular lenses for an electronic application. The equipment was shipped to Korea and will soon be in full production. The equipment also has the capability of laminating a protection layer onto the web, which is then removed when the cast lens web is installed into the final equipment. Once the unit is fully in production, it will not meet the production demands and, therefore, we look forward to receiving a further order for two more machines to meet the product requirement.

Super Precision Centre Surface Slitter

Anyone having an interest in casting either lenticular, circular lenses or holograms using a cast UV cure process should contact us direct at and we will be only too pleased to discuss your application.

To request further information, please call us on +44 (0)1706 623625, e-mail, or alternatively use our online contact form.

Our full contact details including our address, map and various telephone numbers can be found here.

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