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Trim Disposal WAS a Problem

Trim disposal for converters has always been a problem. Nobody wants to trim material but there are occasions when it is not possible to process products without a trim. So, how do we dispose of this trim? There are two conventional methods, the first is that it is wound as a pancake or planetary wound reel. This causes many problems as the trim width is typically narrow and all converters want to make the trim as narrow as possible. When the trim is narrow you cannot wind to a large diameter, without creating winding problems. The alternative is to use a vacuum extraction system which has its own problems, especially when processing adhesive material. The alternative is to wind the material in a spool wound wound package. This has been tried on many occasions without any real success, especially at high speeds.

Typically, the reason for not being totally successful is that unfortunately users of trim spooling equipment expect to buy a 'cheap' piece of equipment, however, in reality for success this is not possible. Hundreds of thousands of Dollars can be spent on a piece of slitting equipment and then it fails to produce at the required speed due to trim waste problems, therefore, we must all come to terms with the fact that if we want to have the best out of our converting machines we need to have a good quality trim removal system, not 'cheap', but low cost and value for money.

The machine YOU have all been waiting for is now available.

Double R Controls with their history of high speed traverse/spool winding equipment have developed the ultimate, low cost, value for money trim spooler. Two basic models are available, the 2TS4030 (shown) and the TS5030. They are both basically the same design, but one has the ability of winding two trims independently and the second is designed to wind one trim or two on a common mandrel. Depending on the material being processed it is not possible to successfully wind two trims on one mandrel, hence the reason for the 2TS4030.

The TS range of Trim spoolers can process product over the width range 6 mm to 50 mm and provides total tension control of the webs which is of paramount importance when processing trims at high speed.

Standard basic equipment can operate at speeds up to 600 metres per minute and wind the trim coreless. This has the added advantage of not wasting cores and also, if the material can be recycled it does not need to be unwound or stripped from the core. The finished spool can also be consolidated easily, therefore taking up less space when being disposed of. It is, however, of paramount importance to ensure that both the mechanical and electrical interface to the converting machine is optimised. This is where Double R Controls optimise the installation with their experience and knowledge of handling narrow width webs.

We are happy to prove the technology for interfacing the equipment to anybody wishing to use our trim spoolers. We have equipment available which can be supplied for test and demonstration purposes to allow customers to see the equipment in operation on their machines at their own facility.

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