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Infrared for industrial processes and Spooling/Rewinding are not black arts. There are technical reasons why the correct infrared wavelength and the optimum winding characteristics required for the particular materials should be used. To this end, Double R Controls Ltd have provided technical documents associated with Infrared, Spooling and Winding.

These documents are available to be viewed online and are continually being updated. Therefore, we recommend that you visit our web site on a regular basis to view the latest version available. Alternatively, if you register your email address to the left, we will inform you when additional technical information is available for you to view online.

The philosophy of Double R Controls is that 'without measurement we know nothing' and therefore, an understanding of your process is of paramount importance. You can, of course, always contact the author of the documents who will be only too willing to provide you with any additional information that you may require.

What Is The Optimum Rewind Tension?

Last Revision: 9th July 2015
View document, PDF, 0.9 MB.

Roller Tensions – Why does the tension change between driven and non-driven rollers?

Last Revision: September 2007
View document online
View document, PDF, 855KB

Trim Winding:

Last Revision: August 2007
View document online

Infrared – Technical Information on the principles of Infrared:

Last Revision: September 2007
View document online
View document, PDF, 800KB

Spooling / Traverse Winding / Level Winding:

Last Revision: August 2007
View document, PDF, 1.8MB
Spool Length & Weight Calculator
Spool Edge Profile Visualisation Utility

Continuous Process Web Handling Principles:

Last Revision: August 2007
View document, PDF, 5.2MB

Case Studies:

Infrared: Textiles and Fabric
Infrared: Plastics and Rubbers
Infrared: Adhesive Drying
Converting Process Solutions

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