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Holographic Embossing Equipment

Next Generation Holographic Embosser

The Next Generation Holographic Embosser is here now! It is designed to accommodate a maximum web width of 700 mm (maximum embossing width of 650 mm) and the embossing section is in a cassette format which is removable allowing soft, single hit embossing and semi hard, double hit embossing to take place. The hard double hit embossing cassette incorporates two 'Vespel' covered impression rollers 85 shore D scale and one 1220 mm circumference embossing roller.

The shim size for the embossing roller is approximately 650 mm wide by 610 mm in length. We allow for approximately 3 mm of overlap during the double hit embossing process and the facility is provided to adjust the forces between the impression roller and embossing roller, as required, to suit the particular product being processed. The soft single hit embossing cassette incorporates a single hit impression rubber roller 70 shore D scale and one embossing roller approximately 610 mm circumference.

We also have two tension sensing compensating rollers incorporated into the embossing section of the machine which controls two independent nip roller omega drives to control the tension in the web through the embossing section of the machine. The principle of having a tension sensing compensating roller is to provide some forgiveness in the web during the embossing process. We also incorporate water cooled rollers from the A section of the double hit embossing prior to the B section to ensure the same temperature of material is entering the embossing point at both the A and B sides of the impression.

A length compensation system is incorporated so that in the event of different sizes of embossing cylinders being used this can be compensated for on the double hit system. A control system is also incorporated to automatically adjust the length compensation roller if image length position is not correct.

Holographic Embosser

We have also added the feature for optimum sideways alignment of the material between the A and B embossing points.

The embossing roller itself is driven by a separate motor and this is the master drive for the process. The infeed omega drive and outfeed omega drive roller are then electronically geared to the master drive to provide optimum control of the web. At the unwind section of the machine the reel itself is driven via a motor and its tension is controlled via a tension sensing compensating roller.

Web cleaning is provided prior to the material entering the embossing section of the machine.

After embossing has taken place the web then passes under an inline camera system to allow the operator to view the web while in motion. The web is then centre wound either using a contact lay-on roller or a gap rewind principle. Tension control is provided at the rewind allowing product to be wound under a constant tension profile or a taper tension profile, again, to suit the particular properties of the material being processed.

Electronic monitoring is provided on the machine during the double hit process to measure the distance between register marks created during the embossing process. The system ensures that the distance between register marks on the A emboss section and the B emboss section are the same and in the event of them not being the same a control loop is provided to create the embossing pitch to be the same.

The repeat length itself is then measured, controlled and a calculation takes place, dynamically, to ensure that during the rewinding process the length between register marks is calculated to be the desired level when the material is relaxed. This feature is available for both modes of operation.

Holographic Embosser

A HMI (Human Machine Interface) is an integral part of the machine which is used to set up recipes to suit the particular product being processed associated with the various parameters on the machine.

This HMI also provides information on the length between the register marks and the accuracy of this as well as it being graphed to allow an operator to see exactly what is happening on the process dynamically. This data can then be downloaded to a host PC, which is supplied by us, and saved in a comma separated file for interrogation as required by yourselves.

We would welcome the opportunity of discussing the range of holographic equipment that we have available which includes conventional wet demetalising as well as laser demetalising, embossing, recombining, shim manufacture and slitting into conventional pancakes or spooling.

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