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Electric Infrared Equipment for use in Industrial Processes

Heater Enclosures

Short wave, medium wave fast response, medium wave and long wave heater enclosures are manufactured to suit the particular process requirements.

Control System

Control systems are manufactured in-house to operate in conjunction with the particular type of infrared equipment used.

Industrial Process Simulator

A standard industrial process simulator is available to allow customers to evaluate the optimum wavelength of infrared energy for their particular process.

Infrared Blown Bulb Module

To accelerate the curing process, in many instances equipment is only required to simulate a sunny day. With the use of the specially frosted face blown bulbs, low intensity short wave infrared energy can be used to optimise the process requirements.

Muffle Heater

A short wave, high intensity muffle heater is a standard piece of equipment for processing products of small diameter.

Typical Applications

Infrared energy can be used in virtually any industry that requires heating, drying or curing of a process. Infrared energy can be used on both regular flat products as well as irregular products, by using the correct control philosophy.

Industries that can benefit from the use of Infrared energy:

Wallpaper Industry:

• Drying mica coatings
• Print drying
• Water based adhesive coating & drying

Automotive Industry:

• Paint drying
• Under seal drying
• Adhesive curing
• Moulding plastic ancillary components

Cable Industry:

• Curing cable coatings
• Drying print on cables

Plastics Industry:

• Moulding headliners for cars
• Sign manufacture

Textile Industry:

• Cotton and synthetic wadding
• Latex drying
• Print drying

Packaging Industry:

• Print drying
• Adhesive coating pre-heating
• Lacquer drying
• Activating laminating adhesives

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