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Spooling, Traverse Winding, De-Spooling Machines

Manufacturers of equipment to spool / traverse wind / level wind a full range of flexible packaging materials

These include holographic tapes, security products down to 1 mm wide, silicone release liners both film and paper, VHB tapes incorporating a wide release liner, tear tapes, aluminium polyester tapes, water-blocking tapes, nonwoven materials, Nomex, Kapton, MOPP carry handles, foam materials both adhesive and non adhesive, hot stamping foils, adhesive labels, plain paper, steel strips, copper strips, metallised yarns, carbon fibre and glass fibre pre-preg materials incorporating a silicone release liner and many others.

Unique Traversing Mechanism

The spooling equipment manufactured by Double R Controls uses our unique traversing winding mechanism that makes no side contact with the material, reducing the possibility of damage during the spooling process.

Trim Spooling

Equipment is available for spooling / traverse winding trims, either coreless or on a cardboard or plastic core.

Wide Range of Materials

The techniques used on equipment manufactured by Double R Controls enable us to process both adhesive and non-adhesive materials.

Computer Control

Computer control is a standard feature of our spooling equipment that enables the spooling characteristics to be saved and downloaded at a later date, therefore reducing downtime.

Concept Proof by Demonstration

We have a wide range of equipment in our factory to demonstrate your product being spooled.

Fast Unloading

For small diameter spooled packages, facilities are available for automatically unloading the finished spools. This technique is particularly useful when processing 6,000 and 12,000 metre long x 1.6 mm to 6 mm wide tear tape spools.

Typical Applications for High Productivity Spooling

With the novel and unique techniques advocated by Double R Controls, our equipment is capable of processing materials over the width range of 0.17 mm (typically metallised polyester) up to a width of 150 mm (typically a foam material for diapers).

The equipment is also capable of spooling plain paper, which is particularly fragile and cannot accept any side contact. All industries can benefit from spooled products if their process is using material over the width range 0.17 mm to 150 mm.

Both adhesive and non-adhesive materials can be spooled on open cores or, if required, flange cores (bobbins).

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