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CF125 A-Frame Folder ATR-A-F A-Frame Folder
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A-Frame Folders

CF125 A-Frame Folder

A precision machine robustly constructed for maximum rigidity. The 40 mm thick side frames are precision ground and jig bored for optimum accuracy, and the side frames are held together by spigot located stay tubes to obtain the rigidity.

The unwind section of the unit, which is manufactured from 40 mm thick side frames and held together by spigot located stay tubes, support the unwind reel on a pneumatic expanding mandrel. The mandrel has deep grooved bearings fitted to it and is retained in position by quick release eccentric clamps. The unwind carriage with integral guiding roller, is supported on 40 mm diameter linear ball bushings for optimum guiding efficiency. The pneumatically operated disk brake is incorporated into the unwind carriage assembly, and is coupled to the unwinding reel by a nylon drive dog.

A DC motor driven hardened ball screw is an integral part of the unwind carriage to optimise the guiding system. An error signal from a photoelectric edge detector provides the input signal to the guiding control electronics, which converts this signal to drive the DC motor, which in turn corrects the material alignment error. The material, on leaving the unwind carriage and guiding roller, passes around a tension sensing compensating roller and then over two rollers providing an inspection path.

A dancer roller technique is used to eliminate any tension changes in the material through the machine due to lobbing unwinding reel. The precision A-Folding Frame, which can be air lubricated or covered with a low co-efficient material, folds the material in the required position, which is maintained by the edge guiding system.

The folded material passes between two dynamically balanced rollers and then around a further two rollers, before leaving the A-Frame Assembly to enter into the next process. All rollers are dynamically balanced to ensure that no vibration occurs even when operating at high speeds. The complete A-Frame unit sits on a bed plate that is robustly constructed and ground to maintain the alignment accuracy of the complete unit.

The bed plate is designed with suitably sized slots for accepting the forks of a standard fork lift truck to enable the complete unit to be easily positioned behind various equipment to increase the versatility of the assembly. When used in conjunction with a DRC Rewinder, all electrical and pneumatic signals are provided by the Rewinder.

The unit can be supplied as a stand alone unit, which would then have all necessary electrical signals provided from within the A-Frame Folder. It would then only be necessary to connect the appropriate electrical and pneumatic supplies.

ATR-A-F (Automatic – Turret Rewinder & A-Frame Folder)

These machines are for the conversion of a large filmic product range and boast the following features: Machine speeds of 600mpm. Vertical lift shaftless unwind (reduces space required), air lubricated A-frame folding unit for centre-folds and variations of, automatic turreting rewinds (shaftless rewinding) with high speed flying splice. These units also come with an automatic finished roll off-load, and a roll transfer unit.

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