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Special Purpose Web Handling Equipment

Easy Opening Packages

I am sure, at some time, we have all been in a hotel shower and been faced with the dilemma of trying to open a packet of shampoo, as per the instructions, but without success. We revert to trying to open it with our teeth and, in many instances, give up. The latest technique for overcoming this type of problem is to laser scribe a line onto the package which will allow it to retain its integrity and the package can be easily opened. The example of the shampoo in the hotel bathroom is only one of many applications where easy opening would be beneficial.

In many cases it is necessary to provide an airtight seal for the product and, therefore, it is impossible to incorporate a tear tape. A tear tape has one disadvantage in that it has to be in a straight line. If we laser scribe the product, which is a laminate, we are able to cut through only part of the material, thereby retaining the sealing capability of the product. Many applications are already being promoted using this technology i.e. coffee packets, drinks, chocolates, pre-cooked foods and there are many more examples.

Double R have recently developed a web handling system which has been optimised for the laser scribing process. In conjunction with one of the world’s leading laser manufacturers, Rofin / Baasel Lasertech based in Starnberg, Germany, the bespoke web handling machine has been developed providing multi-tension zones to allow thinner materials to be laser scribed without any distortion.

Unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world and as we add more layers of thinner material together the base product can suffer from gauge bands and distortion, therefore the web handling process has to be optimised, particularly when we are only trying to scribe through one layer of the material. One of the additional features on the equipment recently supplied by Double R incorporates centre line slitting and trimming which allows a reel to be separated and wound on a differential mandrel, therefore increasing productivity.

Lasers can, of course, be incorporated into standard slitting machines but the advantage of the latest Double R development is that the equipment has been optimised specifically for laser scribing and has many additional features incorporated to ensure high speed accurate scribing and perforating of multi-laminated webs in both cross web and machine direction.

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