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Hot Stamping Foil and TTR Slitters

DC-150 TTR Slitter
DC-150 TTR Slitter

DC-150 TTR Slitter:

This versatile slitter rewinder is supplied for the conversion of TTR (thermal transfer ribbon) media ribbons and Hot Stamping foils. The machine has been developed as a starter model for suppliers and distributors who need to supply fast turn-around, and flexibility of product for their local customers. This DC-150 model is supplied for a web width of 1000 mm, with rewinding capacity of 150 mm on 25 mm rewind cores. This simple and affordable unit is being supplied to distribution outlets worldwide at present.


DC-150 TTR Slitter:

Roll logging slitter, a simple slitter designed specifically for making log rolls from master rolls.
DC-200 TTR Slitter
DC-300 TTR Slitter

DC-200 TTR Slitter:

Supplied specifically for the conversion of Hot Stamping Foils and Pigment Coated Coding Foils, this machine will produce rolls up to 200 mm diameter on either 25 mm or 76 mm cores.

DC-300 TTR Slitter:

The most popular in our range of foil slitters supplied for wider web width up to 1600 mm wide and having a rewind roll capacity of 330 mm for medium range roll production.
DC-450 TTR Slitter Rewinder
DC-450 TTR Slitter Rewinder

DC-450 TTR Slitter:

Slitter rewinder for holographic films and foils, this particular unit is supplied with a separate unwind with incorporated web inspection and slice facility, an operator access platform allows easy and ergonomic setting of slitting knives razor & shear blades.

Rewinding can be onto 25 mm or 76 mm locked core shafts, and when slitting down to 6 mm widths rewinding is done on the Double R Consol specially designed differential rewind shafts. Rewind lay-on rollers are either contact or controlled gap dependent upon material selection. The rewind arms retract on one side to allow the cantilevered shafts to be accessed easily for roll removal.


DC-450 TTR Slitter:

Slitter rewinder supplied for larger diameter roll production, maximum rewind capacity 450 mm up to 1800 mm web widths.

ICS-350 Slitter Rewinder
SC-800 Slitter Rewinder

ICS-350 Slitter Rewinder:

This model is for the production of capacitor foils, individual rewind arms, centre surface rewinding and high voltage clearing rolls are just some of the features specified on this model.


SC-800 Slitter Rewinder:

high speed fully reversible rewinder, shafted or shaftless versions are available in this range, this unit can be supplied shaftless unwind and rewind, with the facility to use rewind shafts when slitting.

TDC-150 Dual Turret Rewind Machine


This is the industry standard for high quality rolls and high volume production of 4.5 micron Thermal Transfer Ribbons (TTR). The TDC-150 is a dual turret rewind machine, for rewind rolls up to 150 mm diameter, onto either 12.5 mm or 25 mm cores.


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