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Multi-Station Spooling / Traverse Winding Machine complete with Unwind Slitting
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Contract Spooling / Traverse Winding

Contract Spooling

When high production is a requirement then it is more efficient to use a multi-station spooling machine having spooling heads over the range 6 to 48 depending on the specific requirements of the customer. The equipment also incorporates an unwind slitting section and, therefore, this allows material to be slit into the narrow widths for spooling inline and then spooled simultaneously.

The standard general purpose equipment can accommodate materials over the width range 6 mm to 30 mm and will produce spools 300 mm wide by 450 mm diameter. However, a full range of spooling equipment is available to allow product to be spooled into packages to suit the end user's requirements. As an additional feature if required, the unwind section of the machine can incorporate a rewind which will allow part of the web to be slit into the narrow widths for transporting to the spooling stations and the remainder of the web rewound as a single package in readiness for transferring to the unwind section of the machine and slitting into the narrow widths. This principle is a big advantage for customers who do not have onsite slitting facilities but require spooling facilities. This feature also provides the converter with a rewind salvaging piece of equipment which will allow a reel to be rewound if damaged or crushed and needs rewinding for whatever reason. This can then be processed using the unwind and rewind section of the machine as a rewinder.

It should also be remembered that when creating a pancake (this is a spool with 100% overlap), if your end user requires pancakes as well as spools then a pancake can be created on a spooling machine at the same time or at a different time, all that is necessary is for the spooling parameters to be set to 100% overlap and a pancake will be created. This feature is particularly useful where customers have to produce pancakes and spools for the end user.

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